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Awful, Very Bad Terrible Engine Oil Sludge

engine oil sludge bad

This is the winner of the Worst Engine Oil Sludge Ever™ seen on MVS. It’s from a 5k change interval with Mobil 1 synthetic. Miles: 165K, car: 2001 Volvo S60, fresh filter with prior oil change. Owner Dave says there are no additives involved, and he’s had the car for around 30k miles.

We’re scratching around for answers for this anomaly. This is wayyy outside the usual.


I’m religious about oil changes. There are some things I willing to go cheap on but oil is never one of them.
I’ve been racking my brain since last night and the only change I made is a new oil cap. I bought the car with 135K. It was sitting under a tree for about a year and a half but I’ve been driving the piss out of it since buying it Oct 2015. I was going to drive it this week (about 500 miles) then change, but I’ll add the Bell’s stuff. I’m sure it’s on the shelf at oreilley?

Member 93SCMax:

Never in my life have I seen a filter with that much sludge in it. No disrespect, but I can’t believe it’s been changed 5,000 miles ago with Mobil 1. It looks like the filter hasn’t been changed in 165k miles. Are you a new owner to the car? I change my filter and oil (Mobil 1 5w30) every 7,500 miles and it comes out looking really clean. I agree with abscate that you should de-sludge the inside of your engine. Frankly, I wouldn’t drive 1,000 miles before doing a flush.

MVS Moderator Abscate:

I think dust storm is the most likely explanation. You just can’t sludge an engine with carbon that fast. The sludge looks soft too, not like burned carbon.

(We’re not piling on. Just telling it like it is and looking for an explanation or theory on how this happened.)

Terrible Engine Oil Sludge

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