Bad Used Volvo Purchase

Follow the Fallout of a Bad Used Volvo Purchase

This is a good example of what not to do when buying a used Volvo. (What TO do when buying a used Volvo? Read our Volvo Buyer’s Guide, ask questions here in the MVS forum, and have the car checked by a mechanic, preferably an independent Volvo shop.)

While the car ran OK during the test drive, that wasn’t the case when I came back 8 or 9 hours later with a tag to drive it home. The engine missed and spluttered all the way home. It had NO pickup or power at all and bogged down to 40 mph going up even a modest incline. It stalled at a stoplight and it took a long time to get it started again. It GOBBLED gas at a fantastic rate using almost a quarter tank to go 45 or 50 miles. The transmission wouldn’t shift until the engine was revving at 3500 rpms or more. Needless to say, I was more than a little upset by the time I got home an hour and a half later. I felt lucky to even make it home.

The author went perhaps 1/3 of the way to really knowing what he should have known and doing what he should have done. He drove it briefly, checked oil, checked transmission fluid, and looked for oil on the engine. Better than nothing, but not a well-rounded pre-purchase checkup.

I think I got taken

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