Best Year & Model XC90?

How to buy a used Volvo XC90:

I’ve been looking at used XC90 for a little over a year. I’ve read some ratings and reviews and find them – mixed. Also when looking at a dozen or so by owner ads, they mention “new transmissions”. I’ve run my 2 Volvos (96 850 and old wagon) up to almost 200k miles and never had to replace transmissions or any thing major. Is there a problem with this model or particular years I should stay away from? I will only be using to tow a pop up once a year or so.

In addition to the information in the MVS Volvo Forums post (link below), I suggest browsing the Volvo Buyer’s Guide. It contains dozens of helpful do’s and don’ts for all used Volvos.

Best Year & Model XC90?

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