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S80, V70 (2001+), S60, XC90 Blower Motor Repair Tutorial

A How-to on the Blower Motor (climate control) for P2 cars. Although the blower motor on the Volvo P2 (V70/XC-70, S60, etc. from 2001-2008 and S80 from 1998-2006) is basically in the same place as their 850/S70/V70/V70-XC P80 predecessors, removal and replacement is complicated by the fact that the glove box actually has to come out and the blower actually sits up and upside down. In order to do this replacement, a few other parts have to be taken out of the way first.

P2 Cars: Click Here For The Blower DIY

Volvo P2 cars - S80, V70 (2001+) S60 blower motor repair

2001 V70 Fan Blower Motor Replacement

worldbound4now says: 

“The problem has become more frequent over the past year, so I finally decided it was time to replace the blower motor. The first post in this thread was quite helpful for my 2001 V70, but I wanted to post up pictures and a few hints regarding the specific application of a blower motor replacement in my vehicle in the hopes that these pictures can be of use to some of you out there.

I replaced my OEM blower with an aftermarket blower from The price was right and the shipping was fast. I will use them again for future purposes.

Tools I needed to get this job done include, from left to right:

Phillips screw driver, 1/4 inch drive extension and ratchet, T25 bit, flex-handle for 1/4 inch drive, and a pair of pliers.
1. Disconnect the battery. This keeps your electrical goodies relatively safe and keeps the foot well light off and cool while you’re working with your door open.

2. The OP posted a .pdf file that states the side panel on the center console needs to be removed. I removed this panel but in retrospect I found this step can be skipped on my car since the side center console side panel was not interfering in any way. The front door sill trim panel does need to be removed to conveniently fold back the floor carpet, and the .pdf file from here provided adequate instructions for removal of this panel.

3. Remove the soundproofing panel (kicker panel) below the glove box. It was held in place by two T-25 screws. No picture of this, hopefully you’ve already been here to change your climate control filter.

4. Begin the glove compartment removal.

Open the glove compartment and look in the space above the box off to the right hand side. You’ll see the top end of the gas strut. With your fingers, reach in and tip the mounting point of camber while pulling towards you. The strut can be pulled off of its mounting point as shown by the two circles below.”

P2 Cars: Blower Motor Replacement Tutorial

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Key remote case broken; how to replace for 1999 S70?

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