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Blower Motor Replacement (How To)

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A How-to on the Blower Motor (climate control) for P2 cars. Although the blower motor on the P2’s (V70/S80, etc. from ’01 forward) is basically in the same place as their 850 predecessor, removal and replacement is complicated by the fact that the glove box actually has to come out and the blower actually sits up and upside down. In order to do this replacement, a few other parts have to be taken out of the way first.

P2 Cars: Blower Motor Replacement (How To)


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10 thoughts on “Blower Motor Replacement (How To)

  1. Michelle Tiano says:

    Not sure how to ask a question on this forum site. But, I have the same problem as hicham up there. Also, when I open my door, my interior lights do not go on. They all work but when I place the thing in the proper spot, it doesn’t turn them on. Also, my sunroof’s motor makes noise, but does not operate. Any answers would be appreciated. Thanks! My Volvo is a 1993 850GTS.

  2. Does anyone have procedure for blower fan replacement in an S90? The instructions I find for the 70 and 80 series are different from the older rear-drive models. Thanks in advance….T

  3. Jeff Hollow says:

    1998 Volvo V90 blower fan doesn’t spin until the brake pedal is depressed, then the fan comes on high until the brake pedal is released, then the fan slows to a stop. I changed the resistor. No change. I can not find a relay like the earlier models have. What else can I do to diagnose this problem.

  4. I have the same problem as the last entry on the blower, after replacing it, it does not work at all.. I am lost. Does this have a solid state on it? Did i blow something? the fuses are good.

  5. I have a 2004 s60 I have a new fan motor and module. And Still wont work and help on what could be wrong I have positive battery at fan. It seem like there is a ground problem Help this car is killing me?

  6. Our 1999 s70’s interior fan is always on low until we brake, then it blasts to high. Could this be the blower motor resistor located behind the glove box or something else?

  7. Dear all , if someone can help me , i have a volvo 850 1993 , i have 2 problems in my climate control system,
    1) i replaced the radiator heater , after this the system air blower is not function correctly , the air just get from the front windows upper the radio, while i change the position from the climate control nothing changed.

    2) the climate control have 2 orange leds , each time i turn my car on this 2 leds start to snooze (on ,off) for 3 min , maybe the climate control is bad ?

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