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Blown Heater Hose: 1998 S70 T5

Blown Heater Hose

I was out driving home after getting home, getting a text to pick up some cough medicine and doing so, and almost made it home. I accelerated to 50 after the person in front of me turned left and heard POP! followed by a huge trail of steam behind my car. I immediately pulled her over and shut the motor off. The top heater hose exploded came out of the yellow clamp thingy and dumped all of my coolant in less than 4 feet. There was literally not a single drop in the radiator.
Had her towed home, hopefully my head and turbo are not cracked…there is coolant everywhere.

Blown Heater Hose – Coolant Everywhere

blown heater hose

Bonus! More about the 1998 Volvo S70

Several years ago, race fans of the immensely popular British Touring Car Championship series were amazed and delighted to spot a multicolored Volvo 850 station wagon dicing for glory with smaller profile European and Japanese sedans. Despite never taking a checkered flag, such chutzpah endeared the stodgy Swedish car maker to legions of speed-happy Brits.

The last two years have seen heavily-modified, 300 hp 850s–this time in sedan bodies–cross the finish line ahead of the charging pack enough times to count Volvo as a motorsport force to be reckoned with. The company is sending a clear message: “We’re not just about safety. We can have fun, too!”

Unfamiliar as most North Americans are about the BTCC race series, Volvo has, for the past little while, been spiking its production lineup as well. The rather audacious 850 T-5Rs and 850Rs are proof of the new-found personality transplant.


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