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Brake Failure Please Stop ASAP error…plus lights galore

Experiencing Brake Failure ?

A few days ago i got “Brake Failure Please Stop ASAP” error and the ABS,Brakes,and STC lights all came on. So, i pulled over and tried to restart hoping it was a computer fault. Stopping was fine, brakes were fine. I check the brake fluid and everything else and it looks completely normal.

Upon the restart, the car fails after starting. I restart again, it sputters and dies. I try to start again and it won’t. So i leave it for about 10 minutes and start the car. It starts fine with zero errors and i drive to work.

Later i drive home and it does it again, this time i dont stop and the car continue to drive fine. However, i have no engine temp,tach,odometer, or cruise control. After i get home i restart and its cleared. Tonight i drive to Wisconsin. Upon trying to restart to come back to Chicago, i get the whole Christmas tree of lights plus more.

Brake Failure Please Stop ASAP error…plus lights galore

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I had a problem with a “Anti Skid service required” error on my screen. I have a ’04 Volvo S80 2.5 and the problem happened as I left work lastnight all lights (ABS, Antiskid service required, Check engne light) came on and I had half power on engine as if I was driving in WET mode. It still drove engine sounded normall but wasnt running right. I stared it again in morning and only the check engine light is on. I went to shop they scanned it, it showed a U-Code : U0002 Highspeed Can Bus Performance. IS that a part that I should replace or a upgrade needed to the computer?? Id really appriciate any help or advice one can give.

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