Breaking Into Volvos is Hard

Here’s an interesting take on the degree of theft-proofness of Volvo cars, by a “former tow truck driver and professional thief (Repo man)” TerrDawg.

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As a former tow truck driver and professional thief (Repo man) the one car in the 80’s and 90’s we absolutely hated was Volvos … The lock out kit included packing strap that was plasticy and tough, known as the Volvo tool. It’s intent was to be folded in half, slid past the weatherstrip on the rear door (that’s what we were instructed to do) until it is in and visible .. Then hook the lock button … And pull it until it pops up and opens
Having worked on many Volvos in the body shops over 16 years, these are incredibly well designed with a plastic sheath the covers the lock/unlock rod that goes to the door mechanism … For what it’s worth.

Locked out of your Volvo? This is the way in!

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