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Built 1998 S70 T5M Kills Its Rod Bearings, Crank Journals

Socalboostin has a problem with his fast 1998 S70 T5M. It’s very bad news.

This post documents his teardown of his Volvo 5-cylinder to find out what happened.

Built 1998 S70 T5M Kills Its Rod Bearings, Crank Journals

Well, cruising down the road all of a sudden later that evening I started to lose power and motor started to dog out a bit. I saw a flash of the oil pressure light and immediately killed the car and coasted to a clearing where i could investigate. Oil was fine exactly same spot on dipstick as before the trip and no oil on ground. Am attempt to start it and there was some serious lifter tick and almost a faint grinding so got towed home….

Next day i removed the pan again and found my pickup screen clogged with crud from the seized motor the pan was sourced from. So obviously self inflected by not cleaning pan sufficiently. I cleaned the pan until it could be eaten from, got new o ring seals, cleaned the pickup screen and proceeded to reassemble…..

So now my current state has me unsure how to proceed. The car starts right up and the oil has great flow into the cams there no foam or bubbles present. But ?I cant seem to shake what I had assumed to be a serious lifter tick. I’ve let the car idle for a few hours total so far and only attempted a drive less than 1 mile. None of the idling or short trip up the road has really alleviated any of the noise which sounds to be coming from front of motor (passenger side..) behind the cam gears almost (another reason my assumption was lifters).

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