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Buying a Volvo S70 2

Looking to buy a Volvo S70 2?

This is part 2 of a five-part series on buying and fixing up a Volvo S70.
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So I got picked up at BWI with the new ride this afternoon, took it back to my parents house. CEL light is on -as was known, put the OBD 2 on it and got a single code: 0410 – have been scouring the forums to find the list of codes posted but either I am not thinking right or a little to excited -still can’t find it, aarrgghhh; did searches and everything…. very frustrating! Anyone???

I had a little mishap already though, the ride from the airport was like 70 miles, couldn’t help myself had to goose it a little (I’ve been driving NA diesels for the past 11 years), do a little “Italian job”.

trading one dipstick for another

Well that was dumb. I think the car decided it didn’t need two dipsticks in it so it ejaculated it’s metallic one and let me keep driving. I thought I smelled a little oil but figured it was me overreacting to an odor from another car in the rush hour traffic. So when I got to a restaurant on the way ‘home’ I popped the hood (picture should be below). I’ll get under the car tomorrow to view the RMS, but I am holding out hope the dipstick was a relief. So gotta get a new dipstick tomorrow to make sure the oil level is OK. I don’t have time for a PCV replacement (I know that is what I NEED to do…) so I have a plan I will reveal in detail in my next post. First thing though I am gonna put Seafoam in the oil trap a la:


I know its not the “best” thing, heck it isn’t even a fix but I have a brothers wedding and a rehearsal dinner and blah, blah, …maybe snagging a volvo when I was back east for a wedding wasn’t the brightest idea, but it’s gonna be an adventure….

On a good note: commo with the seller lead to the revelation/forgotten fact that actually the t-belt was replaced (receipt and all) only 7k miles ago, so no worries there! I had planned on gettin’ that done Fri. morning. Well those parts are heading back to FCP tomorrow instead. So why don’t I get the PCV ‘system’ tomorrow and do it… I suppose I could but I wouldn’t be able to get it from a dealer (nearest is 50 miles away) and do the repair and get to the familial commitments too…but like I said I got a plan… and it’s more than just Seafoam, but input and ideas are encouraged, I am listening…

So tomorrow (I hope)… the plan.

Oh I just remembered I brought a print out of the codes that were from this site… don’t see a 410 anywhere (it was gotten with an OBD2 scan tool…) ideas anyone?

I’ll check again tomorrow. It’s late now and my day began early and will again tomorrow….

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The P0410 is the secondary injection system fault…in other words, your secondary air pump is having trouble. It might be seized up or a blown hose on it…you’ll have to take a look. The SAS valve connected to it might also be bad. This shouldn’t have any effect on the driveability….just emissions and the car running with the wrong gas/air mixture when it first starts up. You really ought to deal with the PCV before you’re trip, even if you just clean the PCT Valve at the accordion hose and possibly even route that hose off to a catch can. With your dipstick blowing out, that’s a true warning sign. By the way, dipsticks were redesigned so you might have trouble getting an actual fit (the dealer will try to sell you the tube it goes in to). Best bet, if you have the old one, take it in and match it up with all of the 850 dipsticks the parts dept. should have laying around.

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