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Buying a Volvo S70 3

Looking to buy a Volvo S70 3?

This is part 3 of a five-part series on buying and fixing up a Volvo S70.
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The social obligations are completed and the crankcase pressurization has been addressed as well as can be (for now); I have devised my own plumbing for venting to alleviate the PCV system – see it for yourself, it is a sure shade tree set up, but it’ll do – for the trip. Some Seafoam went down the PCV tube to the oil trap and the oil is gonna get changed mid route but now I am off, headed to KS…

BTW -the dipstick head was ejected, the stick part was still in place and retrieved when I put the new stick in – which (as you forewarned MIJ) doesn’t fit, it’s head is incorrect but the dipstick tube is now serving as a vent (I have rigged two vent tubes) with hosing and a catch can …so the non-fit of the replacement dipstick is neither here nor there at this point .

My next post will hope fully be a synopsis of the road trip

See ya on the flip side!PCV

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Oh boy….that there is some creative engineering. Let me suggest that if you’re changing your oil mid-trip that you buy the appropriate oil filter. Don’t know if in this late a time you can get a Mann or Mahl oil filter or not, but by all means avoid FRAM. WIX is good but might also be hard to find. I’m sure others can help you here too but it will make a difference. Also, you’ll need an aluminum washer for the drain plug. If you have to, reuse the old one, but the diameter of the washer you need is exactly size of a dime for the inside and exactly the size of a quarter for the outside…Good luck and keep us informed on how your trip goes.

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