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Catalytic Brand, Install Tips & Answers

Need some info on Catalytic Brand?

Welding tips and Catalytic converter buying advice

So here are the questions (I have searched up and down the forum!):

Catalytic Convertor Brand

Replacement Volvo Catalytic Convertor

  1. Davico” is out (not a good brand).
  2. Bosal” seems OK, long history of quality.
  3. Magnaflow“: $80 for the cat alone vs $300-400 for the direct-bolt in.
  4. “DEC” (aka “Diversified Environmental Catalysts”): I have had good luck with this brand on my BMW in the past.

Catalytic ONLY vs Direct Bolt-in

It seems that most people here have good luck with Magnaflow:
BUT how long does this (Magnaflow stand-alone cat) last given the fact that it is welded to the existing piping which itself is 13 years old?

The direct-bolt-in: who has used it, what brand do you recommend?

Lastly, the O2 sensors

At 110K miles (No CEL codes). Leave them alone or replace them?

Catalytic converter buying and install advice

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Just saw your comment on your website about Davico not being a good brand. I was curious if you have ever had a problem or an issue that you could not get resolved? We have been in the Special Exhaust & Catalytic Converter business for 25 years here in Massachusetts and have many Exact-Fit converters for Volvo applications that we sell successfully all over the country through various distributors. Just wondering on basis you have formed this very public opinion? Looking forward to your response. Best Regards

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