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Catalytic Convertors … How Do They Work?

Wondering about Catalytic Convertors ?

Bosch Catalytic Convertor

MVS Volvo Forum Contributor rmmagow lays it out on catalytic converters (abbreviated often as simply “cat“):

The CAT is a pretty simple device, no moving parts. The front O2 sensor is before the CAT and is the important part in the mileage equation. The rear O2 sensor (in most cars) does little but watch the stream for being clean. The Front O2 sensor will switch voltage pretty frequently, rich-lean-rich-lean, the rear should be a very much smooth curve of voltage. If it starts varying voltage a lot, CEL is set, cat below efficiency. Lots of folks here recommended to me the Magnaflow when I needed a CAT. It will work fine. I ended up getting a Used cat volvo brand welded in place. The cat really can be any good quality cat made by a major supplier and installed properly by an exhaust shop since there’s welding going on. If my AWD ever needs another cat, I might well try one of the aftermarket brands from like FCP or Eeuroparts if there’s a good warranty for fit and function. In short, any functional cat will work and won’t break the O2 sensors. Don’t go ultra cheap though or “reb

Catalytic Convertors… How Do They Work?

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