We’re on New Hardware! Whoo!

Hola amigos. Here’s what’s going on at MVS. MVS is on a Fast New Server For a month I’ve been preparing for a migration to a new host. I completed this work early yesterday morning, and it felt good. While at it, it was a good time to do a whole host (no pun intended… Read the full article…

MVS Member Networking Zone

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MVS Member Networking Zone Auto industry or not. Post what you’re looking for… if you’re looking for work, or looking for help… or not looking but want to leave a calling card for something in the future.

Catching Up with MVS

Volvo News & Repairs

What’s going on around here? Lots! We’re busy around here, helping Volvo owners and getting help. Here’s the latest. Moderator Drive is Complete — $911.50 raised for the MVS Moderators  in the Spring 2017 moderator donation drive. Thanks to all donors! Donors: if your account didn’t get upgraded to MVS Contributor level, contact me and I’ll… Read the full article…

Moderator Donation Drive – One Day Left – $630 Donated!

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Thanks to everybody who donated to our moderators (abscate,  cuhfs, jblackburn, JDS60R, MadeInJapan, Ozark Lee, Roger_850T, songzunhuang). These guys are volunteers, and they help because they love helping. That’s pretty awesome if you ask me. Donate here Personal checks are ok… send me an email (Contact page) and I’ll get you my address. This is a reminder… Read the full article…

MVS Moderator Donations – Happening Now!

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Donate here! I only run this usually 7 days, and it only happens twice a year. Brow-beating users and getting up in your grille asking for donations is counterproductive, so I keep it short and infrequent enough to actually be a viable, compelling call to action. SO here’s your chance to donate money to your… Read the full article…

Two-Category Search is Here!

Volvo News & Repairs

Why does this exist? With almost 1600 entries in the Volvo Repair Database, finding what you need is growing harder as the Volvo Repair Database (VRD) grows. For branding, I named it Powersearch, because it’s a manly, tough name with “power” in it that makes you think of 5000hp top-fuel dragsters, ten-ton bulldozers and jet… Read the full article…

Gifts from Amazon This Holiday Season?

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Buying gifts via Amazon this year? Please use the MVS Amazon link. That link takes you to Amazon with the MVS code embedded. There’s nothing for you to do. MVS gets a portion of the purchase. It costs you nothing. 🙂