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Volvo radios, speakers, amps, connecting iPhones and Android phones, DVD player, aux input, antennas, and CarPlay in Volvos… all the ways to make your Volvo work with entertainment and navigation.

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USB Charger + Cell Phone Mount

I think one of the best things about newer cars is the interior electronics. I want to be able to talk handsfree, navigate via satellite, and play music off a USB drive instead of a CD. For longer trips, I want the phone charging. But I’m a lazy child of the future, and I don’t like plugging things in, swapping things around, etc. I want to have my phone Just Work with the car, with minimal fussing about.

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S70 Speakers Demystified

I posted earlier asking about recommended speaker sizes to replace the blown speakers in my daughter’s S70 and the response was pretty much crickets. I had to make a couple of trips to the local Pick & Pull for some other parts so I tried to pull the speakers from a donor S70 while I was there but they were rotted as well. The foam on the edges of the cones had basically turned to dust on all of them in the lot. I pulled a speaker for each door and a rear deck speaker anyway, I think the Pick & Pull just gave them to me or charged very little for them since they were bad anyway and I was buying a bunch of other stuff. I figured having them would let me experiment on fitting other speakers into the frames.

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Pioneer AppRadio 2 Install & Review

Also note I said ‘certain phones’. You need to make sure your phone has been tested & certified by Pioneer. It requires an MHL or HDMI connection as well as a Bluetooth connection and a few apps installed. Since I don’t have an iPod, I’ll focus on my Evo 3d. I should note that my daughters do have an iPod plugged into the unit but I never use it.

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DIY: iPod/iPhone Input for SC-815/816 Radios

MVS Volvo Forums Contributor b2fkb0 shows us how to transform the tape deck function of SC-815 and SC-816 Volvo radios into an input for not just iPods and iPhones, but really any source with a mini jack output: “Well, sorry it took me a year to get back with this, but I hope it helps! Just did a black faced SC-816 for the 855 R for my daughter as her Christmas present, here’s what I did…”

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Speakers: 4 ohm or 8 ohm?

My twist is that I have 4 ohm OEM Volvo speakers but I keep reading that Volvo uses 8 ohm speakers.

I am working on door panels, noticed that one of the stock speakers was bad, went to the JY to get the only locally available replacement and it was worse than my bad speaker. My door panels were supposed to be done and I wanted to get something (yes rushing things, 1st mistake) so I went to the local stereo shop (2nd mistake?), talked to a guy who has been there forever and who I do actually trust.