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Boot Fix Becomes Workbench Driveshaft Refurb

Driveshaft Refurb cakefool » Hi there all, I’ve been browsing & using this forum for a while but I now find myself in the situation of needing more help than the repair database can offer. I have a UK-model ’99 V70 with the Audi 2.5TDI engine, 125k miles. Yesterday I replaced my RHS control arm as the… Continue reading Boot Fix Becomes Workbench Driveshaft Refurb

AWD Versions of the 850 & V70

Ever wonder about the AWD peculiarities of the Volvo 1990s 850/S70/V70/XC70 cars? Which P80 models were built with all-wheel drive? It’s almost like Volvo finished work on their first AWD system and just couldn’t wait to put it in the upcoming V70-XC, so they put it in the last year of the 850. Read more… Continue reading AWD Versions of the 850 & V70

Is Your AWD Working?

Here’s how to tell if your Volvo’s AWD is functioning. No donuts required. jimmy57 » For viscous coupling AWD in 97-2000 models you jack up one rear wheel with trans in Park and then apply a torque wrench on a wheel bolt on the raised wheel and apply force. The wheel should move smoothly at more… Continue reading Is Your AWD Working?

How to access ECM & TCM on 850, S70, V70, XC70, C70

Volvo 850 Turbo

Looking to access ECM & TCM on a P80 Volvo? Those are 1993-2000 cars. How to remove ECU and TCU Modules MVS Forum member gchelidze tells us in text and (24!) photos how to access your ECU and TCU modules from under your Volvo 850, S70, V70, XC70, C70’s hood. He writes: “WARNING: I have done… Continue reading How to access ECM & TCM on 850, S70, V70, XC70, C70

Replace Upper Engine Mount w/ OEM Bushing on Volvo

Upper Engine Mount Bushing Tutorial Overview By Geevs The 850’s upper engine mount is designed to hold the engine in place. Without it, the engine would thrash back and forth in the engine bay and damage nearly everything near it. There are two lower engine mounts that are responsible for the engine’s weight, but these… Continue reading Replace Upper Engine Mount w/ OEM Bushing on Volvo

Fuel Pump Replacement DIY V70XC

Volvo V70 XC

My estimate is 1.5 hours to prep, cut and remove pump. Another 1-1.5 hours to re-install, close the opening, seal and re-install everything. You should be at about 3 hrs total as long as you don’t do like I did and install a pump with a broken wire. My total out of pocket was about $475 including the parts, tools, diagnostic fee and tank emptying.

Heater Core Hoses Fix

Need a Heater Core Hoses Fix? Bypass em! …  for 850, S70, V70, XC70, and V70-XC Volvos up to model year 2000. MVS Volvo Forums member Boxman gives us an outstanding heater core junction block bypass DIY. It’s a concise writeup with good pictures.Heater Core Hoses Bypass I figured since this coupling is such a PITA overengineered… Continue reading Heater Core Hoses Fix

Change Rear Oxygen Sensor TUTORIAL, Volvo 850

When I reset the Check Engine light and it came back on between 40 and 150 miles later, I knew it was time to change the oxygen sensor. No degrade in fuel economy. So I got the Bosch sensor for my ’97 850 T-5 (T=turbo) from one of the MVS sponsors, Bosch part #15062. It… Continue reading Change Rear Oxygen Sensor TUTORIAL, Volvo 850

P2 Volvo Oil & Filter Change Tutorial

Use the paper towels or rags to wipe out the inside of the cover. Make sure you remove any gunk that may have accumulated at the bottom. Now take the new filter and place it into the cover. Push it down until it slides over the center post in the bottom of the cover:

Replace Volvo Speakers on P80 Cars: A DIY Guide

For the front door speakers I chose the Infinity 5012i coaxials and found that their mounting flanges don’t exactly match up either. Two of the four flanges on the Infinity speaker…

DIY Alignment Using Common Tools

Can you do your own alignment at home with common tools? Yes. Here’s how. DIY Alignment by MVS Contributor CN90 I just did the Alignment Tricks Using Common Tools. I tried it on my 1998 Volvo V70 and it works perfect!!! So here is the DIY.The key thing is to define the axis of the… Continue reading DIY Alignment Using Common Tools

Reset Volvo “Time for Regular Service” Message

S60 on ice

Reset this message procedure for all Volvos, 1999-2009 We all know how annoying it can be when a Volvo service light or any other light on the dashboard refuses to go away, even after just taking your car to the mechanic. If you’ve had experience with this issue don’t hesitate offer up some advice. 1999-2000… Continue reading Reset Volvo “Time for Regular Service” Message