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Largest Volvo Recall Ever

Volvo biggest-ever recall

This is the largest-ever recall for Volvo. All these Volvo models manufactured between 2006 and 2019 are impacted by the recall and are eligible for a free repair…

Volvo Us Sales April 2019 -

Volvo April Sales to Look Not So Bad

Also, wagons are endangered. Volvo April sales show eight V90 wagons in the United States last month. “But coronavirus!” you scream… ok, understandable, but they sold only 40…

Mvs Newsletter Logo Superwide April 2020 -

Volvo News For April 2020

Here is all of the Volvo News For April 2019 MVS Moderator Donation Starts… NOW. This is the first one in a year. What not to do to…

Volvo Bones Ad Replacement Parts -

Replacement Parts are Hard to Find

Replacement parts for certain volvos can be difficult to access. Replacement of entire sunroof system Member, atikovi was having trouble with the sunroof not working properly and decided to…

Mvs Newsletter Logo 2 -

MVS Newsletter March 2020

Sign up for the MVS Newsletter here. Well, this is the strangest MVS newsletter I’ve ever written. COVID-19 has turned society upside down, all over the world. Stay…

Mild Hybrid Icon -

Volvo To Hybridize Entire Line

The new 48-volt system will be called “mild hybrid” Not to be confused with T8 Plug-In Hybrid models It’s not a plug in system It was offered on…