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Koni Sport Peeling Paint

MVS Forums member RussB reports peeling paint on his Koni Sport struts after just over a year of use. Hmm. “The KONI Sport yellow dampers are produced in Oud Beijerland, NL. Each country has its own regulations regarding paints, specifically regarding the removal of solvents and using water based paints, which can present adhesion and […]

850: Well Bought, Well Restored to Stage 0

This is the first time I have worked on anything other than a Japanese vehicle, so the repair wasn’t without a learning curve. Now I am more prepared for the work I still have remaining. Finally I used some scratch remover and wax and finished cleaning up the outside. I can’t believe how nicely the […]

Long Term Ownership Opinion of a 2000 S80

Are Older S80’s “Lemons”? My mother-in-law used to sell Volvos, and my wife was impressed by the Volvo safety record, so we were originally very favorably disposed toward Volvo and they had an opportunity to have a customer for life, but as you might imagine, we would be hard pressed to pay top dollar for […]

I bought Meguiar’s Clay Bar Kit and love it

Review: Meguiar’s Smooth Surface Clay Kit If you’ve ever run your had across your hood after you’ve washed your car and felt tiny bumps, removing those is what the bar does. This kit comes with two clay bars and a spray that acts as a lubricant as you move the clay bar over the surface. […]