History of the Volvo 5 Cylinder

History Of The Volvo 5 Cylnder Engine1 -

Volvo’s history is intrinsically intertwined with the 5-cylinder engine. More than any other auto maker (besides maybe Audi), Volvo’s name has become almost synonymous with this rather idiosyncratic engine over the last 30 years. At the time, it was a perfect compromise between the 6-cylinder’s power and the 4-cylinders size and efficiency. Of course, time […]

Peeling Pillar Trim Fix – Double Sided Tape!

MVS Moderator MadeInJapan shows us how to fix peeling pillar trim with double sided tape. It’s a simple yet brilliant solution. Like the famous DIY for interior door trim, it’s another in a long line of inexpensive fixes to make our Volvos look like new again. I have been racking my brain on how to […]

“Pay Once and Never Pay Again” Lifetime Parts & Labor Warranty

Interesting new Volvo policy. Note it does not transfer with the car is sold, which makes sense. Volvo Cars of North America will now offer a lifetime parts and labor warranty for all Volvo vehicles serviced after the factory warranty at any Volvo retailer. Volvo customers can expect to pay once and never pay again […]

A Volvo Hot Hatch, Maybe?

Rumors are swirling about a Volvo Polestar hot hatch based on the V40. Volvo would be aiming this car at the Ford Focus RS and VW Golf R. This category has been given new life with new models from Ford, Audi and VW. Volvo wants in. over 300hp possible AWD almost certainly no manual transmission […]

What OBDII Scanner Should I Get?

I been looking on E-bay at this one that I attached, it’s not as good as the one I use to have at work but it looks okay. I’ve been looking at this model for a while cause it was more in my price range but now that I’m bringing in more flow I think I could spend more on something better. Any suggestions for something up to maybe a 100.00 or less if it’s good, this OBDII is mostly for self but sometimes I do side jobs for people. Appreciate any opinions, thanks.

Performance Exhausts for Volvos

Performance Exhausts for Volvos: Theory and Practice If you care about getting good performance, mandrel bending is important. Mandrel bending is bending the pipe such that the cross sectional area remains a perfect circle, as opposed to be distorted to an ellipse, which has a smaller cross sectional area, which also has poorer flow characteristics. […]

Volvo Cars

Volvo's Range Of R Design Cars And Suvs, In Red -  2013, R-Design, red

Volvo Cars – Overview of Volvo Models 1960s-Today 100 142 Coupe 1967 – 1974 four cylinder, 2-dr 144 Sedan 1967 – 1974 four cylinder, 4-dr 145 Wagon 1967 – 1976 four cylinder, 5-dr 164 Sedan 1967 – 1976 six cylinder, 4-dr 200 242 Sedan 1975 – 1984 four cylinder, 2-dr 244 Sedan 1975 – 1993 […]