How to Buy a Volvo V50

Interested in a Volvo V50? Here’s a few comments and tips by owners on how to buy a Volvo V50… MVS Forums member mathy221984: A few things I would check are the: Suspension (drive over speed bumps and listen for cluncks) which could be something as simple as a spring seat or a strut. Motor… Read the full article…

Sunroof Seal Repair

After peeling off the gasket I discovered that the metal sunroof frame was severely rusted and had begun to separate from the glass. The glass is bonded to the frame with a very hard rubber like sealant, water seeps under the sunroof gasket and sits in the depressed area of the frame causing it to rust.

To repair this I first scraped/filed off as much loose rust as I could and pried the frame as far away from the glass as I could without breaking anything using wooden wedges and continued to clean as much rust out as possible. I then applied a rust converter to the remaining material.