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Build a Coolant Level Sensor for 2nd gen S40 & V50 Volvos

Why Build a Coolant Level Sensor? MadeInJapan builds his own coolant level sensor for his S40 because this common item was not included on 2nd generation S40 and V50 models, oddly. I’ll let him explain: Why? Well, because our cars don’t have a sensor in the expansion tank (reservoir) to tell you when your coolant […]

Video: How To Do A Brake Fluid Flush DIY

Video of how to do a brake fluid flush, aka “bleed brakes” on your Volvo. Brake fluid flush – discussion and questions taken here

Removing the Transmission Solenoids on a S60 – Video

MVS Forums contributor oragex shows us a video he made of him removing the transmission solenoids on a S60.   oragex: Yes, I shoot the videos while working on it. The transmission pan shouldn’t be a hard job after working on suspension, brakes and similar.. even part-dropping the subframe was easy, it takes a 1/2″ ratchet […]

How To Replace The Head Gasket On A Volvo 850

NOTE: this tutorial is from Tracys True Soap site. It’s long been recognized as one of the finest DIYs on Volvo 5-cylinder head gasket repair. The site owner contacted me weeks ago, letting me know he was going to take his site down and offering me this tutorial. I didn’t get all the photos, but […]