Thor’s Hammer Headlights

Tors Fight With The Giants -

  Thor’s Hammer is the nickname given to Volvo headlights since the second-generation XC90 debuted in 2015 on the SPA platform. It’s a distinctive shape that, well, looks like a hammer ;-). The headlights got the moniker Thor’s hammer because Volvo is Swedish, and modern-day Sweden was the center of the Viking Age.   In Norse mythology, Thor is […]

What is this new SPA Platform?

Volvo’s new SPA platform is the new foundation of all the new Volvo full-size models. SPA = Scalable Product Architecture It follows the P3 platform in the late 2000s, which followed the P2 platform in the late 1990s, which followed the P80 platform in the early 1990s. The SPA platform is used for the entire […]

The New V90 Page is Up!

Wagon-enthusiasts rejoice — the new V90 is coming to America! Alright, so it won’t exactly be on dealership lots, but you will be able to purchase the V90 through Volvo’s Online Concierge or via Overseas Delivery. Details on the North American version of the V90 are still sparse, but one thing everyone can agree on […]

Hello Lovely: The New Volvo V90 Debuts

The new 2018 Volvo V90 made its debut here in the US this week, and here are the glorious photos of Volvo’s big wagon that shares a platform with the new S90, XC90 and V90 Cross Country. Disappointingly, the V90 is only available in the US by special order. If however you enjoy seeing Volvos […]

V90 Cross Country Photos

I like this car, but the oversized, low-profile wheel/tires don’t help its looks I’m afraid. They’re a size or two too large, giving the wheels a comic book look. Beyond that, it’s a high-ride-height V90 T6 AWD, which is just awesome. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I’m glad Geely bought Volvo. See MVS’ page […]