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CBV Install on AWD P80 Volvos DIY


A DIY on CBV Install on AWD P80 Volvos.

“Yes this first rate individual designed the CBV bottom bolt to be virtually un-accessible due to the cooling pipe running off the back of the engine. He could have allowed at least 3mm more clearance on the pipe to make it easy as I see the pipe has plenty of clearance in the surrounding area for at least 1 addition inch of clearance in there.

The sharp edges of the trans wiring hardness and other edge makes for a scene from the Van Damme movie Blood sport when he is punches a bowl of glass with his hands for training.”

MVS Forum member lexluther describes in descriptive language how he swapped the Compressor Bypass Valve in his V70XC 2000. If you know how to do this more easily on the AWD P80 Volvos, please add to the forum thread:

The devils spawn is a Volvo designer! CBV install…….

………Understand that the IPD instructions are not much of a help neither was any google search even though I followed IPD instructions during the CBV replacement as Forge come with no instructions and just in bubble wrapped. Ahh to recap and as luck would have it the stock bottom bolt was one of those that are tight and doesn’t spin then comes very loose then tightens up again. It just teases you with false hope and crushes your spirit. The uppers were very easy to remove and spun easily again lady luck strikes…

My heart goes out to you guys that are working on cars with more use and/or in area’s were the cars are exposed to the elements as this job can be worst for you with rust and wear taken in consideration.

I can only serve to inspire you that eventually it can be done with perseverance and patience and offer this advise.

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