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Change Cartridge to Canister Oil Filter?

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It started innocently enough… a user asks a good question. People think. Then it rains quality Volvo discussion for a few days.

MVS member azureblue »
On a P2, Has anyone tried replacing the oil filter mount assembly with an older one, from a P1, so a standard canister oil filter can be used?

In other words, is it possible for an owner to change the oil filter type on his/her Volvo permanently? The reason could be one of many: environmental friendliness, economy (cost), messiness during oil/filter changes, or parts availability (think living in backwater Africa, or a remote Pacific island, etc.).

There’s a parts yard nearby, and I hoped I could snag the Mounting assembly, and just swap it out with the P2. I got stuck yesterday doing an oil change and the local parts stores were out of the paper cartridges, except for the $28.00 version.

Oil Filter Types and a Little History

Cartridge (or replaceable element) — a permanent housing contains a replaceable filter element or cartridge. Heyday: the majority of first half 20th Century motoring, and now. Advantages: environmentally friendly. View a YouTube video for a P2 S60 oil change.

Canister/Spin-on — the filter and housing are one product, and the whole thing is tossed when its life is over. Heyday: 1950s-1990s. Advantages: cleaner and faster during changes; less to go wrong.

Here’s a page with some in-depth history of oil filter types and the reasons behind them. Mobil’s oil filter page.

Change cartridge to canister oil filter?


Spin-on oil filter for Volvo P80 models

Spin-on/canister oil filter for Volvo P80 models, photo from DIY: 98 V70 Engine Oil Change (& ATF Change): the Easy Way!


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