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S80 Cabin Filter Change

Volvo introduced the Cabin filter to ensure the air Volvo drivers breath is fresh. Volvo's electrostatic Cabin Filters remove pollen and other particles.

volvo cabin filter

how to change your volvo cabin filter.

Volvo introduced the Cabin filter to ensure that the air Volvo drivers breath is fresh air. Volvo’s electrostatic Cabin Filters remove pollen and other particles down to a size of 0.004mm from incoming air.

MVS Forum Member stone36 says:

I replaced my cabin air filter today and took some pics, so here goes:

First remove the 2 torx bolts under the glove box (all the torx are T-25) Take that panel out, you have have to wiggle in from the carpeted paneling.

Unscrew the 4 T-25’s on the black lid and remove black cover. The back two are a pain to get to because of the depth. I had to use a T-25 bit with a ratchet, but if you have a stubby t-25 (under 3 inches) it may fit.

Slide filter out, mine had a lot of crap that fell out with it so it was probably over due.

Installation is reverse, the filter will have a tab on it so you can’t put it in backwards or upside down. Takes about 10-15 minutes.

MVS Forum Member stone36 added:

Not sure about the part number, but they are easy to find at any auto store or through most of the links at the top of this page. That being said, if you are asking about a 98 V70R, it is in the engine compartment and a completely different (though just as easy if not easier) process. You’ll want to look in the 850 V70 forum for that.

MVS Forum Member cincottamail says:

Do you know the direction the arrows should face on the new filter? Should they face the engine or the cabin/seats?


MVS Forum Member rerobin66 adds:

fyi..there are two different thickness for the filter. and two slots in the chamber. the slot closest to the interior of cabin is thinner. the slot closest to the firewall is deeper and will accommodate a filter that is thicker.

How to replace cabin filter-with photos


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One thought on “S80 Cabin Filter Change

  1. I need to replace the “Pollen Filter” inside the vehicle.

    this is a 1999 Volvo S80 T6

    is it easy to replace or should I take it to the shop
    thanks in advance


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