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Climate unit blower replacement

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A detailed description of how to change the cabin blower motor with pictures.

Climate unit blower replacement

Volvo 850, S70, V70, XC70 Climate Blower Replacement

Volvo 850, S70, V70, XC70 Climate Blower Replacement


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3 thoughts on “Climate unit blower replacement

  1. Just finished up taking my Climate Unit Blower out of my 850 GLT (Sweet Roll).

    While picking up my gorgeous wife from work, Sweet Roll and I pulled up to the Hospitals’ door. It was just then that a loud and startling noise jolted my senses. At first I thought it was machine gun fire so I ducked and popped my head above and below the dash a couple of times to see if I could locate the direction the reports were coming from. We have had gun play at that location before, hospitals are kind of volatile that way. There was a car pulling from its’ parking space in front of us but that wasn’t the source of the disturbance. The noise intensified and seemed to be coming from within the car. I turned the fan off to the air conditioner to quiet the cabin noise and the noise stopped. It was Sweet Rolls Climate Unit Blower. I might as well been shot in the gut because I knew how much a new one cost $250.00 and that was not installed.

    After the initial shock and upon returning to the man cave I went straight to the computer and Matthewsvolvosite.com. I was able to find step by step instructions on how to replace and or lubricate the old blower motor. After reading it several times I felt comfortable enough to attempt the fix on my own.

    Now here’s the interesting part. After following the step by step instructions (thank you) I pulled the motor and squirrel cage from underneath the dash (it’s all one unit). Sweet Roll had sucked up a plastic shopping bag into her squirrel cage and that was what accounted for the rat a tat tat of machine gun fire. I removed the bag and the day ended happily ever after. Thank you matthewsvolvosite.com. THE END

  2. I am having a problem with the dashboard ventilation fan on my 1994 Volvo 850 wagon. It will only operate on the highest speed and has recently become even more noisy at the high speed. What do I need to to to fix the fan so it operates quietly at all speeds?

  3. david magruder says:

    looking for directions to troubleshoot and/or replace a Climate Blower in a 1994 volvo 850. It blows a fuse immediately. Thanks, David

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