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CMA Platform Joins SPA For Volvo’s 21st-Century Cars & SUVs

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T5 Twin Engine on CMA and T8 Twin Engine AWD on SPA

The new CMA platform page is up, and it details what we know about Volvo’s platform for the smaller Volvos coming out this year and in the next decade (possibly more).

The bigs have been released (SPA platform – XC90, V90, S90, V90 Cross Country), now it’s time for the littles, Volvo’s 40-series. With the CUV (compact SUV) market exploding around the world, and the SPA platform released, Volvo has been turning development attention to an architecture that would serve as the foundation for small vehicles. Enter the Compact Modular Architecture (CMA) Platform.

Volvo CMA Platform


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