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Condensation in the headlight assy

Condensation Problems?

S60 headlamp lens removal

I have an 02 S60 with water inside the headlight…I suspect the seal is shot and it’s just a matter of applying some silicon sealant around the gasket, but could somebody explain in detail how I go about removing the headlight please? It’s the drivers side. The plastic cover behind the assy for the wires is there and screwed in.

condensation in the headlight assy


Bonus! More About The Volvo S60

The Volvo S60 is a compact luxury sedan manufactured and marketed by Volvo since 2000 and is now in its third generation.

The first generation (2000–2009) was launched in autumn of 2000 in order to replace the S70 and was based on the P2 platform. It had a similar designed estate version called Volvo V70 and a sports version called S60 R. Styling cues were taken from the ECC concept car and the S80.

The second generation (2010–2018) was released in 2010 for the 2011 model year and has its own estate version, known as the Volvo V60.

The third generation joined the Volvo line-up in 2018 for the 2019 model year. It is built on a shortened version of the Scalable Product Architecture platform, in America’s first Volvo factory in Ridgeville, South Carolina. The U.S. became the sole global source of the S60 sedan after production in China was phased out in early 2019.

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Volvo v70 2001…condensation inside headlight assemblies

How can I get rid of condensation that is constantly inside both headlight assemblies?
One mechanic suggested using compressed air… will this work? Suggestions /cautions about how to do this?
Many thanks.

you will see on the front bumper the gray plastic trim mid-level. Remove both sides by gently prying off with a flat head screw driver. Behind each piece is a bolt, the size slips my mind maybe a 12mm I think its a little bigger. Open the hood and above the grill there should be four or six clips. You remove these by pushing the centers in an pulling them up from the outer rim. Next turn the front wheels all the way to the right and go to the left wheel. Inside the wheel well you will see a clip mid level this needs to be removed. Repeat on the other side turning the wheels in the opposite direction. The next step is to go to the wheel well and pull the bumper toward you away from the car while pushing foward. With some patient the bumper cover will than come off. P.S. if you have the cold whether package the headlight wipers must be removed before this step. from here you should be able to see three bolts two on top and one near where the grill was. The fourth is located on the side you need to remove the black plastic plate which is held on by one torx bit screw. That is from memory if you have any questions feel free to email me.

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