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Condensation in Volvo Headlights

Volvo headlight condensation

Condensation in you volvo headlights? Read on.

How is condensation getting inside my volvo headlights? All modern headlights are ventilated through small holes at the top and bottom. Ideally, they allow a gentle flow of air through the enclosure. If there was no ventilation there would be no way for the condensation ever to disappear. However, this flow of air can also allow moisture to enter the headlight. And then the same thing happens to the glass in the headlight as happens to the windows in a car when it’s cold outside and warm inside. You get a thin film of condensation.

MVS Forum member IndianaBob wries:

Both of my S80 headlights are constantly filled with condensation. Does anyone know what the fix is? Is it the gasket between the the glass and bulb holder? PLEASE, if you’ve had this problem and had it fixed, let us know how to correct this problem.

MVS Forum member ychap replied:

Hi IndianaBob

That was actually the first problem I encountered with my S80. I bought the car new last summer and no longer than a month afterwards I noticed the condensation within both headlights. They are xenon headligts (you did not specify if you have this type of headlight).

Went to the dealership and was told that they had never seen this problem before. They thouht that I may had been a dealer preparation problem (the car was prepared at another dealership and sent to mine for delivery). Apparently there is some type of plug that must be removed from the units during the initial preparation prior to delivering the car. Anyway as the headlight units are completely sealed so there is no way of getting rid of the condensation and the resulting streaking within the units. The streaking was so bad on mine that you could see the streaks projected upon a wall at night!

As the car was a moth old obviously it was garantee work. They do have to take off the front bumper to remore the units so if your car is not under warranty if might be costly.

Good luck,

Condensation in Headlights

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