Crushed Roof Insurance Claim – Kid Smashes 850 Roof!

Crushed roof insurance claim: an MVS member's 850 got its roof crushed by an idiot kid jumping onto it from above. What will Jim do?

Not Jim’s 850, obviously, but hey it represents the deed. It’s from this shipwreck story.

As if there aren’t enough things acting against our Volvos, we now have a case of the Crushed Roof Insurance Claim. MVS Contributor JimBee:

A kid jumped from a garage roof onto the roof of my 93 (854 GLT 5 speed manual), denting it so the whole roof sags and is down about a half inch at the middle rear edge of the sunroof.

Insurance estimate to repair? $2700.00. In a case like that, since the metal around the perimeter of the dent can be stretched making it hard to pop back up, the standard fix is a new roof, repaint, etc.

Since the car isn’t worth that much, Allstate would total it. That’s my winter car; it does run great and still from 15 feet away it’s emerald green color and sport wheels give it some esteem, I would like to keep it and somehow rework the dent to get it leak-proof.

So I could buy it back for salvage value, which I likely would. Allstate has been good to me. I’ve had a couple of glass replacements and they provided immediate reimbursement. But now this.

My concern is what might happen to my insurance rates. Has anybody had similar experiences? Any thoughts?

A Kid Jumped Onto And Crushed An 850 Roof

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