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Is a custom Volvo AW50-42 Autobox remapping possible?

Remapping shift points: theory vs reality

Knowledgable Volvo forum member JDS60R speaks about the pros and cons of running shift-point-remapping software on our 850, S70, V70 and other Volvo models in the AW50-42 Autobox. He answers the question Is there anything to gain or lose by overriding the factory auto transmission shift points? 

AW50-42 Autobox

by JDS60R says:

“Keep in mind a remap will not raise the torque handling capability of the transmission. Usually it ends in an early failure.
Torque handling capability is a function of the strength of the internal components countered by the mechanical advantage the designers force out of each piece as well as the ability of the lubricant to cool the components as well as let them slide by each other. Any slack in bearings or bushings multiplys the ability of the unit to sieze or fail.

A badly maintained or high mileage transmission with average lubricant, put in a high torque situation is a great way to force a failure. Raising or lowering the shift points brings you closer to failure as well.

You would be best advised to bring the trans to a reputable shop and have them upgrade the bearings, bushings and clutch packs as well as adding a properly sized cooler with a thermal control to keep the fluid around 180 degrees all the time. An improved torque converter is also nice. If the budget allows improve the bearings/bushings and have the high stress components cryo treated.

If you can shorten the time allowed for the clutch pack to slip in balance with the amount of power being generated a remap can help in that regard. Otherwise the transmissions are pretty well tuned as is.

Now if you have a unit you want to blow up – that can be fun. You can tap into the internal electronics (shift solenoids) and make your own paddle shifter for the trans. Its great for a day of racing but when it blows and starts leaking fluid don’t stand too close to the car because it gets trans fluid all over your left shoe right before the little fire starts
Guess how I know )”

Custom AW50-42 Autobox Remap

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hole i was thinking haveing a remap on my s60 se d5 auto to try and low fuel cost his it worth haveing done its a 2003 reg

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