CV Boot Repair

CV boot repair and replace[ Editor’s note: this fine tutorial by Volvo Forum member and contributor CN90 was performed on a 1998 Volvo V70. The procedure is applicable to the entire family of 1990s Volvo 850/S70/V70/XC70/C70 models out there. The concepts it covers are applicable to almost any front wheel drive car. ]

1. Go to Home Depot or any hardware store and buy a 4-foot section of 1-inch galvanized piping (for natural gas): $13.00. You need this to remove and install the 36-mm axle nut.

2. The 36-mm Nut that holds the Axle: A 1/2-inch breaker bar is good enough (no need for 3/4-inch breaker bar), but when using the galvanized pipe, insert the 1-inch galvanized pipe all the way down the shaft of the breaker bar so it does not bend the breaker bar.

3. It is better to remove the Brake Caliper and tie it to the Spring as in the write-up, as this allows more movement of the Hub. However, if you decide NOT to remove the Brake Caliper then: For L side Axle, turn the steering to the R side and vice versa. This is because the Brake Caliper sits in the front of the rotor. By turning the wheel to the opposite side, it releases the strain on the brake rubber hose.

4. Remove ABS Sensor on top of the Hub: 10-mm socket.

(There’s more! Click the link below for the 6 other steps.)

CV Boot Repair/Replace Tips/Tricks

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