CVVT Solenoid Wiring

New CVVT solenoids have no wires. Here's what to do.

CVVT Solenoid

MVS Volvo Forums member Guiness06 has a problem. He ordered a new CVVT solenoid, but it has no wires(!):

Have diagnosed that the CVVT Solenoid is faulty so ordered a new one however this came (from US to France) without the connector so need to make new connector in fact plan to solder directly onto pins to connect to existing harness wires.

Current connections are (as in photo) green/orange wire is pin 1, yellow brown is pin 2 but problem is that on the new solenoid (see photo) I can find no markings so need to know which relates to the wiring harness (green/orange wire).

CVVT Solenoid Wiring

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