Cylinder Head Replacement

Cylinder Head Replacement Project – With Photos


Timeline: I completed the teardown in about 10 hours. Shipped out the head to in Clearwater for rebuild and I just got it back today. In the meantime, I disassembled the intake manifold and completely cleaned it including the throttle body, cleaned up the injectors (replacing both O-rings and seats), sandblasted the exhaust manifold, and have 3 piston tops still to clean before reinstallation (which I hope to begin this weekend). Here are some pics from along the way.

Cylinder Head Replacement

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  1. Hi Matt, I just installed a reconditioned cylinder head to my S40 Volvo 2000 T2 Auto, changed cam shaft sensor,all the gaskets,o-rings etc.,new spark plugs,bleed coolant and tried two different timing settings but still I am unable to get the engine to start. Definitely there’s a spark,petrol is feeding but still unable to start this car?It cranks when I turn the key but it seems there is missing that it does not come to live? Would you have a clue what I am missing in here?
    I will greatly appreciate any advise from your side. Thanks
    Rom (Oz)

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