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Dash Speaker Magnet Falling Out?


In this post we discuss the volvo speaker magnet.

Every audio speaker has a speaker magnet in it. From subwoofers to iPod headphones, magnets provide the motive force that makes speakers move. Read on to understand more about your Volvo dash speaker and its speaker magnet.

MVS Forum Member volksy asks:

I was just parking up my ’94 850 2.0 20v Estate the other wekk, when a piece fell off from under the dash, Its a small round metal disc about half an inch thick and is magnetic. Any Ideas?



MVS Forum Member Free2drive! replied:

Hi Chris

Sounds like a speaker magnet. But could be wrong? The dash board speakers by the a pillar are known for losing their magnets.


MVS Forum Member Volgrrr adds:

It is the coil speaker magnet from the dashboard mounted speaker.

This happens to just about every Volvo.

Pull the dashboard speaker out (very easy to do) and, if the cone is still in good condition (i.e. not stiff or torn), reglue the coil magnet back into place with a good glue.

However, I think I would replace the entire speaker with a new one. (OEM, eBay, etc)

MVS Forum Member MadeInJapan adds:

I glued mine back on our old 850, 3 years before we sold the car and the speaker worked without issue and the glue held fine. Folks over at laughed at me and called me cheap. 😥
Hey, I don’t care. I saved the headache of having to look for a new speaker and I could hear no difference between the speaker I repaired with that didn’t lose its speaker magnet.

Dash Speaker Magnets Falling Out?

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