Volvo 850, S70, V70, C70, XC70 Dash Speaker Replacement

850, S70, V70, C70 and XC70 Dash Speaker Conundrum

“I just recently noticed the magnets had fallen off of my dash speakers; was going to do a quick and dirty fix by re-attaching them w/ glue, but the cones are incredibly flimsy and brittle after 15+ years. Looking for a relatively inexpensive replacement that will involve little retrofitting.”

Infinity dash speaker for Volvo 850, S70, V70, C70 and XC70 A: “I left it with one bolt and all is good for me and mine. I did the same thing in my son’s 850 and he cranks it to ’11’ – especially when he had a broken exhaust manifold.”

Q: Anyone know where I can purchase the aforementioned infinity speakers? Searched the web and Crutchfield using the info provided in the above posts, but no results. Is it possible they have been discontinued?

A: $27.95 at hookedontronics thru Amazon. Delivered in less than a week.

Dash Speaker Replacement

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