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Project: Volvo Dashboard Mount Repair

volvo dashboard
Ozark Lee wrote:
Note: This repair has been superseded and there is additional information in the version 2.0 thread. … =1&t=58347

When I purchased the ’96 Platinum Edition Turbo I noticed that the passenger’s side of the dashboard was flopping all over the place. When I bought the car I thought I needed to replace the evaporator anyway so I didn’t let the loose dashboard get in the way of the purchase. It was very noisy and very distracting. The good news is when I got the car home it still had refrigerant pressure so the air conditioner leak is very slow and a couple of cans of R-134A fixed it right up. The bad news is that I still had a dashboard that was flopping around.

In the process of tracing down an electrical problem I wound up just removing the dash anyway.

Chuckcintron has the definitive dash removal guide here as a part of his evaporator replacement guide:

If you need a new evaporator now is the time to deal with it – if you are doing the evaporator as the primary focus of the job it would be a good time to deal with your dashboard mounts. Apparently mount failures are common and fall into the inevitable category.

The only difference in my procedure and Chuck’s was that I didn’t remove the ignition switch key cylinder. It didn’t seem to hamper my ability to get the dashboard out of the car.

MNCO1 wrote:

“I appreciate all the posts on this, especially the instructions in removing the dash. Haynes doesn’t cover everything. I was encouraged enough to remove the instrument panel and get a good look at my mounts on my 850 T-5 97. I confirmed that all four mounts are in a hundred pieces. I can’t see a way to reconstruct the proper placement of the firewall bolt holding hardware so I think I need to see about ordering a replacement panel.”

Dashboard Mount Repair

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