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Dealer Repairs are Expensive (Fuel Tank Leak)

Let’s talk Dealer Repairs

[By Frank, taken from this fuel tank leak thread]

This discussion is very interesting to me. Here is my experience:Two days ago I took my ’96 850 turbo wagon to the dealer for the same fuel tank leak problem. When I filled the tank, fuel would run out of what appeared to be the filler tube. In reality the hose on top of the tank was cracked and leaking. The leaked slowed as the fuel level in the tank dropped. The technician looked at it and said that the cracked hose is not unusual. Question: Could this hose have been replaced by removing the plate under the rear seat to get at the top of the tank?The total cost to replace the hose was $425! When I asked about the cost, the service advisor said the job takes four hours as the tank needs to be dropped to get to the hose. I asked about the recall and he said it was not for leaks, it was to replace the pads that keep the tank from rubbing on the body and frame, and that it was not related to the problem in any way.However, it took the technician only two hours to do the whole job. When I asked the advisor about that he said that they use the Volvo Flat Rate guide and that is what they charge, no matter how much time the repair takes. He said it was for “my protection.” The labor charge was $380 (3.9 hours per the guide at $98 per hour), the part $20 (fuel hose) and an extra $25 for supplies. And they didn’t even put on new hose clamps; they used the old ones. (Maybe that’s good as they might have cost $50 each!)This is what drives customers like me away from a dealer. I don’t need this type of “protection.”

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