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Delay wiper upgrade for 850 / V70 models

Let’s talk Delay wiper upgrade

wiper delay relay I just wanted to share some information regarding the delay wiper systems on our cars. As you all know there is only one delay setting which is either too short or too long, but hardly ever right.

I purchased a Volkswagen wiper delay relay from ebay for about $10 which allows you to “program” your delay time by flicking your wipers to the delay mode for one wipe, then back off for your “time span” and then back to delay, and it will hold that time setting.

I have successfully installed this into my 97 850, which only takes 5 minutes to do. There is a relay panel under the dash above the left foot, which also has the chime unit (a good time to rip this annoying thing out). simply unplug your old unit and plug in the new one.

The VW/Audi part number for this relay is 1HM955531A

(See attached image). I am sure if you are around a wrecking yard you can pull one out of any 1992+ VW and it will work. My relay has 9.9 written on the top in big white numbers, so it should be easy to identify it in the fuse box of a VW.

Delay wiper upgrade for 850 / V70 models

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