New Volvo owner  rp2005 got the dreaded “TRANSMISSION SERVICE URGENT” message on his XC90’s dash:

“Fast forward to last week and my wife is driving the car to work and the dreaded “Transmission Service Urgent” message came on the dash. We had it towed into the dealership and they are saying we need a brand new transmission and they quoted it at $7k. This is very depressing since we have only put 6k miles on the car.”

I opened a claim with Volvo to see if they could provide any kind of financial assistance but that was denied. I thought maybe there was a chance since there were issues with the earlier models of XC90s but I guess not.

They scanned for transmission codes and got TCM-P071100, ECM-P085086, and TCM-P271900. “All three of the DTCs are signal, sensor or solenoid codes. I’m not see anything that warrants a new transmission.” – RHP

MVS Contributor SuperHerman:
“In an ideal world – you would take your XC90 to a shop. They would hook it up to the computer and do some readings and testing. They would then have an idea what to look for and remove the valve body. They would then bench test it and confirm their diagnosis. Next they would strip the valve body down and visually confirm and look for additional problems. Then they would repair the problems either with an aftermarket kit made to address the problems without modifications other than part exchange or they would ream out the bores and replace hard parts with new ones. But, if it is too expensive to do these repairs they would replace the entire valve body. Then they would put it all back together and bench test. Then reinstall on the car and make sure all is well. You can see this process on numerous on line videos – type of transmission doesn’t matter – it is the process. The basics are all the same.”

What follows is a diagnosing, ruling-things-in-or-out transmission problem discussion. There are amazing suggestions and tips in this, as well as simply how to go about addressing the problem without blindly throwing money at a shop. Click the link below to get to the topic in the forum and follow the thinking:

2009 XC90 3.2 Tranmission Service Urgent

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