DIY: 1998 Volvo S70 Parking Brake Tips/Tricks

MVS Forums Contributor CN90 explains in a nice DIY how to fix and repair parking brake components on a 1998 S70:

I have 2 problems at 150K:

– Brake Shoe friction material fell off, parking brake was useless.
– Parking Brake Cables were somewhat seized at the rear areas (from cracked areas), and since replacing the cables is a PITA, I elected to save them, read on for the tricks! BTW, each cable is $50, so I saved $100.

Online vendors:
Rear Rotor by BALO: $25/each x 2.
Rear Parking Brake Shoes by TEXTAR: $35 for set of 4 shoes.

Volvo Dealer:
Big Spring…PN 1273836 x2; $6/each.
Small Spring…PN 3546028 x2; $5/each.
For these springs, stick to Volvo OEM and nothing else, unless you want to do the work twice.

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