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Replacing both the inner and outer tie rods on a 1994 Volvo 940

How to replace inner and outer tie rods on a Volvo 940. A good write up with pictures.

Here’s what can go wrong:

1. If you let the steering rack rotate, you can ruin the steering rack.
2. If you carelessly counterhold the steering rack in order to prevent 1., above, you can scar the steering rack with your wrench, which will in turn destroy the seals in your steering rack, also resulting in its ruin.
3. If you fail to securely lock the tie rod to the rack, the tie rod can detach from the rack, resulting in a Bad Day for you and yours.

As usual, do this job at your own peril. I take no responsibility or liability for your outcome.


Jack stands
wheel chocks
19 mm-22 mm open end wrenches
half-inch drive deep socket set
breaker bar
tie rod separator (pickle fork) or, preferably, a two jaw puller
pipe wrench
vise grips or channel locks
ball peen hammer
punch kit
safety glasses
padding material, such as an athletic shoe inner sole
PB blaster
CV boot grease
medium thread locker

 inner and outer tie rods

“This is a great instruction. Very thorough. First I will begin looking for a re-built like you suggested. I will let you know how it goes.”
North Georgia

’94 940: New Inner and Outer Tie Rods: DIY

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