DIY: Flaring your Brake Lines

how to flare brake lines DIY

[Apologies to Volvo Forum Member and Contributor Vjaneczko for not getting this in the Repair Database until a year after he wrote it. — Matt]

This started as a 10-minute job to replace the flex hoses for my front brakes and install a new caliper on the driver’s side. It tuned into a messy job involving several days of research and ultimately flaring the hard lines. Here’s what I learned along the way.

After 14 years in Chicago, my brake lines were frozen solid. Wrenches rounded off the nuts. Vise Grips shredded the nut. A blow torch did absolutely nothing. I had to cut the nuts and replace them.

Nut information: Pay careful attention to the nut you purchase. There are (at least) two nuts that have the same threading but are slightly different:
“3/16 in. tube size to M10 – 1.0 thread inverted flare Japanese steel tube nut”
“3/16 in. tube size to M10 – 1.0 thread bubble flare European steel tube nut”

Read the whole DIY tutorial in the Volvo Forum: DIY: Flaring your Brake Lines

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