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Driveshaft center bearing — 2002 V70 XC — replaceable?

I hope someone can help me figure out if the driveshaft center bearing for my 02 V70 XC AWD automatic is replaceable. I’m having a hard time finding information on replacing the center carrier bearing for my year and model.

Jay needs to know if the carrier bearing is replacable, and if so where to get one and how to do the replacement.

MVS Contributor CN90:

1. Mark the 2 halves BEFORE disassembly, otherwise you WILL have vibration!

The old carrier bearing: you can tap it out or use Angle Grinder (wear goggles!). Press the new bearing in:

  • Machine shop is best.
  • If no machine shop, then cut the old bearing INNER race as 2 halves, then wrap around the new bearing using a screw-clamp. Now tap on the old inner race using a drift, work slowly until it goes in.

PS: Your problem is how to find quality German-made bearing. Most of th bearings sold are Hamburg-Technic with Chinese bearing, which may be OK as this bearing does not do much other than supporting the weight of the DS.


Expanding on what cn90 stated in #3 – you can use the old inner race or something of similar diameter to push down on the inner race (not on the outside) and use a long hollow tube that sits on the old inner race and tap on that as it seats. You can also use a press with said set up.

For #2 the old bearing from what I have read gets seized onto the prop shaft and some time the only way to remove it is to cut it off with a grinder – outside first, then remove bearings, then inside. You may have to cut at an angle so you don’t cut into the prop shaft. When you get close hit it with a chisel and it should crack rather than grind all the way down.

MVS Moderator Abscate:

You can get a good used one form the guys in Utica, just East of You. I frequently drive through that area too if you are tight on dough and want to squeeze shipping costs out.

Carrier mount. Before.

driveshaft and center bearing.


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