Driveshaft Knuckle Came Out


After replacing my lower control arm on the passenger side the drive shaft seems to be stuck extended too far out from the joint within the inner boot. The inner boot is extended fairly far with the bellows extended quite a bit further than the how the bellows look on the outer boot. In doing the control arm, I had removed the two bolts that attached the strut to the knuckle in order to get as mush play as possible when wrestling the lower control arm and ball joint back together. I am assuming in that in the process of wrestling the control arm and ball joint bolt to align, without the knuckle being attached to the strut, I inadvertently angled the knuckle too far past the travel limit of the inner joint on the drive shaft.


When I did my control arms I was worried about the joints getting pushed out from the force of the spring. When the control arm comes off there’s little holding (or nothing, depending how much you’ve detached) the joint in, and we all know the springs push hard. For what it’s worth to everyone out there, they push far, too.

Drive shaft stuck extended out after control arm replacement

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