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ECU Failure in a ’99 V70-XC

A rare ECU failure, something that’s becoming more common in Volvo P80 models as they age. Here’s what it looks like from a diagnosis viewpoint.

Ozark Lee » At long last the saga is over.

I shipped the ECU and the parts car ECU to Lucky and had him clone the “new” car into the parts car ECU. Other than the battery being totally dead after months of being parked it starts first time and every time!

I have never had an ECU fail intermittently like that. For that matter, I have never had an ECU fail at all.

I sure am glad to have this one in the done column and it is just in time for the predicted snow storm.

1999 V70XC I’m stuck – I need ideas.

ECU and TCU in a Volvo 850

The Volvo V70 XC

The V70 XC, also referred to as the V70 Cross Country, the V70 AWD Cross Country, or the V70 Cross Country AWD was introduced in September 1997 at the Frankfurt Auto Show for the 1998 model year as a crossover version of the V70. It featured standard all-wheel drive and was available with only two engine and gearbox choices. In the US only the 2.4L turbo engine together with an automatic gearbox was available. A 2.0L version of the V70 XC was available only for markets with high taxes on cars with an engine capacity of more than 2000 cc. Standard ride height was increased 35 mm (1.4 in) overall with 26 mm (1.0 in) more ground clearance compared to the regular AWD model. Total ground clearance is 166 mm (6.5 in).

Visual differences from a standard V70 AWD included a unique front and rear bumper, unpainted sidetrim and sills, a squarer version of the roof rails, a unique front grille and a black decal with white Cross Country lettering across the tailgate. Buyers could also specify a two-tone exterior paint option called Duo Tone. Interior details included thicker floor mats and special canvas/leather upholstery.

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