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Volvo Drive Cycle For Readiness

Let’s talk Volvo Drive Cycle

Volvo Drive Cycle

I noticed today when someone posted about their readiness codes that this is not in the repair database, so I’m adding it. Basically, if you go for emissions testing and they scan your computer and find that your car is not ready although there are no diagnostic trouble codes (DTC’s) or check engine light, you’ll fail the inspection. A regular OBD-II scanner will also tell you that your readiness codes are not set. Volvo gives us a specific Drive Cycle that has to be done at least twice to set these codes so that you will pass inspection. In this thread, you’ll find those instructions.


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OBD II “Not Ready”

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reluctant_mechanic says:

i have heard the same thing but only with respect to one model year, 1998.

Ron Fredey says:

I’m in Massachusetts. I purchased a used 1998 V70XC with the Check Engine Light on and code PO455. After checking hoses for leaks and not being able to find anything obvious, I installed a new purge control valve (guessing that this was the most likely culprit) and cleared the codes.

I drove for well over 150 miles and followed the drive sequences outlined in other posts on this forum to attempt to get the system to reset for inspection. After 150 miles, the system was still not reset with 5 of 7 systems displaying not ready.

As I was legally required to get the vehicle inspected within 7 days, I went to my local service station and told them to put a rejection sticker on the vehicle so that I could drive it legally and when they hooked it up to the monitor it passed even with 5 systems showing not ready.

The mechanic told me that he thought that the VOLVO was exempt for the years 96 thru 99.

I don’t know this for sure, but I’m just posting my personal experience with this issue.

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