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Engine Over Heating Problem

Experiencing Engine Over Heating Problem?

How to Test Engine Fan

Take the lead from the positive terminal to the red wire and then the green wire – one at a time. The fan is a two speed fan and one wire will run it in high speed and the other will run it in low speed. Off the top of my head I can’t remember which wire color is which speed but there is a distinct speed difference.

The black wire is ground.

Engine Over Heating Problem

Bonus! 10 Interesting Volvo Facts

  • In Latin, the word Volvo means: I spin. Today however the nearest meaning is “I roll”.
  • Volvo was founded in 1924. The two founders were Gustav Larsson and Assar Gabrielsson.
  • The ÖV 4 is the first Volvo car. The first car was sell-ready in 1927. The 2-Liter, 4-cilinder car got the nickname: Jakob.
  • Volvo’s very first commercial vehicle was the Type-1 truck. The release year was 1928. In the same year, Volvo released the second car, the Volvo PV 651. Volvo manufactured a total of 1383 of both vehicles in the first year; of which automaker exported 27.
  • This trend saw a sharp rise in 1932 when Volvo released a good amount of 10,000 vehicles, both trucks and cars.
  • The company, however, started making a large-scale profit from the year 1935. The first luxurious car by Volvo was the PV36, which could carry six passengers at a time. The design of this iconic car paved the path for future Volvo cars to come. I came in the market with a price tag of 8,500 Swedish kronor.
  • Volvo touched a landmark in 1941, with the sale of its 50,000th vehicle; this is a unique achievement considering the time when WWII was in full swing.

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All you may need to do get; cooling fan relay ($30.00), (top of radietor), crey & black, super easy to change. I had problem to have AC always keep cooling (trafic red lights) and working when driving, until quit completely & over headed. I worried as it may head gasket gone, NO ITS this silly a little part…since that, cooling fan works as it should be as AC. Very a little known thing. Even my friend AC professional was not aware of…there you see, what these guys know…they will change every part in your car & a lot money, for almost nothing! I hope this will help & people read this very usual problem!

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