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Engine Swap

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Steps for Engine Swap:

1. Drain the coolant via the drain on the back of the engine towards the belt.  You do not need to drain the radiator fluid for the swap.

2. Disconnect the battery.  For maneuverability or cleaning purposes, you may need to remove the battery.

3. Completely remove the air cleaner housing including the fresh air hose connected to the top of the radiator and the air scoop that runs over the top of the radiator.

4. Remove the hose connecting to the turbo.  *Take note of the hoses that attach to this hose near the MAF sensor.*

5. Remove the throttle hose, turbo hose, and turbo pipe between the throttle and the lower intercooler. The hard pipe connecting to the lower intercooler does not to be removed.

(See the rest of the instructions posted by MVS user jimmy57 on the forum)

engine swap

Engine swap questions 850 Turbo into S70 T5


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