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Project: ETM Cleaning Procedure for 2000 Volvo S80 T6

I was having a problem with a very erratic idle, and the car would stall sometimes in stop and go traffic, especially when the AC compressor was running. The car has 130K miles on it.

“The one greatest fix and cheapest was the cleaning of the ETM. What a difference that made, it blew my hair back when I hit the accelerator. Thank you so much for the directions on how to do it. It is not difficult but requires patience. Well worth the effort!”
— MVS Volvo Forum user stan9395

I knew the ETM was covered by warranty, but the ETM had been replaced before, and the dealer said they would need to try a cleaning before they would consider a replacement of the ETM under the 10 year or 200,000 mile warranty.

I decided to do the cleaning myself. Not a half assed attempt, but a remove it from the car, and a good workbench cleaning inside and out.

It only took about 2 hours, and it made all the difference in the world. The car runs and idles great!! I should have done it months ago!

ETM Cleaning Procedure

  • I removed the entire air cleaner housing, and the air inlet tube from the radiator area.
  • I also removed the turbo hose running past the oil dipstick.
  • I next removed the plastic tube from the inlet to the ETM.
  • Removing the hose clamps works best with a ¼” ratchet and a socket, and is done by feel.
  • To remove the ETM, remove the 4 corner bolts holding it to the intake manifold using a ¼” ratchet and 10mm socket with a short 2-3 inch extension.

Here’s what both sides of the ETM throat look like before cleaning it:

ETM Cleaning 2000 Volvo S80 Turbo (T6)

ETM Cleaning 2000 Volvo S80 Turbo (T6)

I used carb cleaner, and a small brass wire brush to sort of scrub the inside throat of the ETM, and the brass round throttle plate itself. This was time consuming, but stick with it until it is ALL off. Don’t flood the ETM with carb cleaner, use it inside the throat only because there is a lot of electronics inside. You can push the throttle plate open and closed as you are cleaning. Think of the brush as doing the work, and the carb cleaner just for rinsing-this will keep you from going overboard with the carb cleaner.

After it’s cleaned, it should look like this:

After: ETM Cleaning 2000 Volvo S80 Turbo (T6)

After: ETM Cleaning 2000 Volvo S80 Turbo (T6)

The cleaning tools:

Carb cleaner: ETM Cleaning 2000 Volvo S80 Turbo (T6)

Put the ETM back on the car, and take it for a test drive. You’ll smile from ear to ear, and you just saved yourself several hundred dollars!!

Shadyside Maryland

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Tin Spencer says:

Good article and it really helped. I have a 2000 S80 2.4 (not turbo). I found that getting the ETM was very easy and all I had to do was undo the main air house which had a jubiulee clip, move it to one side, remove the 4 bolts on the ETM and clean it while the cable to the manifold was still attached (I couldn’t work out how to unattach it). It was still very accessible and i cleaned it there using a rag and some WD40. I also cleaned inside the manifold and then ran it through with some compressed air to make sure there were no fibres lingering.

I cleared the code using the ODB meter i have and took it for a test run using normal and high speed roads, didn’t notice a huge improvement other than it is faster from a standing still to 30 which is what I really wanted as before it felt lackluster and over revved and better still no engine management light came on so very happy.

All i need to do now is replace the front suspension mounts as they are shot (I thought it was the exhaust knocking at first so if you have the same issue get it checked before you buy the wrong parts).

Sim Lyons says:

I did the cleaning procedure today and it runs like a new car. Maybe the potentionometers play a role on a few of the S-80s, but not mine. It was pretty bad before I did the job (hesitations, bucking, jerking, and stalled). Now it is like new.

For those of you who are still looking for the location of the ETM, it is connected to the bottom of the intake manifold. Removing the air cleaner box and other items described helps a lot! Most of the work is done by feel. BE SURE TO DISCONNECT THE BATTERY FIRST!!! The is a very large, red cable in the way, connected to the starter. It can fry your ETM in a flash!

had several unwanted engine surges on my 2003 S60(scary!)at stop lights after driving for several hours. had etm cleaned by non-volvo mechanic after volvo dealer refused to honor extended warranty re this known defect. I am
still worried since my non-volvo mechanic says
it is indeed a design flaw. As a result, won’t recommend car to anyone. strange position for
a car company that touts its safety record!

hi i have a 2000 s80 t6 and im having problems with it stalling when i come to stop signs and traffic lights,also the car will run fine on one trip, then minutes later i get back in to the car running at all different idles causing it to stall 90% of the time, should i clean the Etm and if so where abouts is this located,thanks

Randy Hedrick says:

have 2000 S70. 152K miles and ETS light starting to show up. Repair shop (not volvo dealer) says any reading over 13% ?? will trip the light. I am at a 15% level but car runs fine at the moment without throttle hesitation. They want $950 to replace ETS. Any suggestions?? thanks

Mike Heyduck says:

I strongly suggest covering the positive leads on the starter with some heavy electrical tape. Or better yet, disconnect the battery ground cable. If your wrench touches this bolt while touching the throttle body you complete the circuit and could damage the throttle electronics.

i would like to clean the E T M, but am not sure what i am looking for and where it is on my 2001 s80 turbo, can you post a picture of where it is located.

Is there a way to tell if my throttle body is bad? I’ve already done the take off and cleaning and that did not seem to help. Problem is that after the car is warmed up, stepping on the gas normally may not result in the appropriate throttle response – acts like it does not know what to do unless you really gun it and then takes off. Also at highway speed when doing small modulations in gas, it seems like it does not know what to do- again, if I gun it, it takes off no problem.
2000 Volvo S80 2.9 – 66k miles

Amauri Varona says:

I removed the E T M and cleaned it,now the car drives like never before,thanks for the info and the pics they were really helpful.

smoothvolvo says:

I followed this guide after dlr sed the ETM was ok. i got the gasket for 5 bux, 3 for carb cleaner and 60 minutes later…the car is smooth again (why do they wrap the throttle wire harness under the starter bracket!!#$@) but the car runs smooth and powerful. thanks for the good info and pics.

The problem with the ETM is not the cleaning, unless there is some really dirt in the throttle which can not allow it to move, but not as much as the one showed in the pictures here though. That is normal.You thinking that the problem is fixed by cleaning it is wrong. The problem with the throttle in Volvo S80 are two potentiometers, one on each side.One on the right side with the value range of about 2.18Kohm to 11.20 Kohm and the other one on the left with the value of 1.82k to 7.76k. The problem with these is a design problem. The potentiometer plate that slides onto the resistor film of the potentiometer I think is probably assemblrd backwards. It is like nails scratching the film and that is why the potentiometer wears out and this makes the throttle defective very quickly.

It would be great if you had more details on how to remove the actual ETM. I removed 2 screws from the right side (driver side) of the throttle body but it didn’t even loosen up.. if you had pictures it would be great!

Jack Beckman says:

Thanks for all the advice and directions. I would have never attempted this if it wasn’t for you’re web site. Thanks again.

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