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Fabricate a Positive Battery Cable DIY

Check out this Positive Battery Cable DIY

MVS Forums member Jason (jreed) produces a fantastic, exhaustive DIY tutorial on fabricating a new positive battery cable for his 850. These often fail after 10 years or so, causing starting and other various electrical problems in our Volvos.

It’s loaded with photos to show you exactly what to do, and has excellent follow-up comments and questions from other Volvo Forum members. This, my dear reader, is a DIY winner.


This is a quick write up to show how I built a new positive battery cable for my ‘97 855 GLT (~172k miles). I decided to do this after the original cable failed after about 15 years and then the aftermarket replacement failed after about 2 years.

I had to replace the original battery cable 2 years ago because it developed high resistance between the battery terminal and the wire. I bought an aftermarket cable from IPD, labeled RAMAC (based in Minden NV), which based on the Chinese characters on some of the protective sleeving may have actually been manufactured in China. The RAMAC cable failed in service after 1.5 years in the same area as the original, with high resistance between the battery terminal and the wire. The symptoms were an intermittent no crank, with high (0.7 – 1.1 Volt) voltage drop between starter and positive battery post. Pushing with fingers sideways on the wire leading into the crimp would reduce the voltage drop to the point where the car would start.

DIY: Build your own positive battery cable for the 850

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